Avira Secure Backup


Save all of your files online so you'll never lose them


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Avira Secure Backup is software designed to automatically store all of the files on your hard drive in a safe remote server so that they'll always be available to you, even if they disappear from your computer for whatever reason.

Your files will be continually backed up without you having to do it manually. That means that your backups will be up to date, thanks to a tool that keeps track of each change you make on your computer. It doesn't matter what kind of files you store with Avira Secure Backup, since it's capable of saving any kind of document, from photographs to music and video.

All you have to keep in mind is that an individual file can be up to 3GB (the default configuration limits it to 200MB, which you can change at any time), with total free space of 5GB for storing your most important documents.

Thanks to this program, you can view and work with your files from anywhere. It's an easy option for online storage that keeps your information safe and easily accessible.
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